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January 2, 2018: warehouse wedding at Dock 580 near downtown Columbus, OH

I'm back with another wedding!  Cam and Sam are some chill cats.  I thoroughly enjoyed photographing them as well as their family and friends.  (You may or may not have recognized these two from this engagement session in May.  If so, kudos!)

This was my first time shooting a first look.  I would've liked a second perspective, but I think what I got wasn't half bad.  The diffuse sunlight from the clouds was a major blessing, especially when it streamed through the large window we used for the bridal party shots.

The ceremony itself was a pretty standard affair (minus the groom getting fake-punched beforehand).  The couple's smiles throughout the event were infectious; they obviously care about each other tremendously.

Thankfully, there was enough day left after the family shots for us to take a few more outside without an outrageous amount of noise in the images.  (If you can't tell, I was feelin' the large blue garage doors on the side of the venue!)

After their witnesses made it official, Cam and Sam joined their guests for toasts, food, and cake.

The first dances featured Sam with Cam followed by her dad.  Later, one of her grandfathers requested some time on the floor.

All in all, this crowd was livelier than average.  People had a great time hanging out and boogieing down.  ("boogieing"?  Did I really just type that?)

Much love to Cam and Sam for allowing me to document their celebration.  Here's hoping our paths cross again soon.

(Special thanks to my assistant Danielle Popp.)

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