local hip hop show | Columbus, OH music photographer - Kenneth Jackson

August 4, 2017: local hip hop show in Columbus, OH

I've told you guys I like hip hop, right?  Last Saturday night I saw my first underground show.  Sundaze 614 hosted it at 129 Studios, a unique space for local artists in Franklinton.

DJ Swamp Thing manned the ones and twos for the night.  I arrived early enough to get some shots of him setting up his equipment.

The artists themselves were surprisingly good.  It was pretty cool to see people making great music up close and personal.  In order of appearance, I saw Kashis Keyz, Cam Springz, Duece.0, Jimmy Hyway and his brother, Sam Rothstein, Twan Rap, Lamont Hicks, and Isojah.

Much love to everyone involved with the evening.  I'm looking forward to learning more about the rap scene in Columbus.

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