0057 - Kenneth Jackson

July 19, 2017: small wedding at Meadow Creek Farm near Huntsville, AL

My sister-in-law Julia and her fiancĂ© Ryan got married near the pond at Meadow Creek Farm a few weeks ago.  I photographed the ceremony, and my wife Laura officiated.  Julia's friend Lisa prayed for the couple at the beginning and the end.

It was fun to watch Julia and Ryan revel in their new status as wife and husband during their brief portrait session.  We would have explored longer, but a persistent swarm of sweat bees followed us wherever we went.  Ryan did his best to remove the ones that flew up Julia's dress (in case you're wondering about the unusual poses in the middle of this batch).

The whole gang ate lunch in a private room at Mason Dixon Bakery in Huntsville.  The food was excellent, just as it was when I shot my other sister-in-law Krista's wedding (see this blog post for a refresher).  I was particularly fond of the vegan squash bisque.  So creamy...

Julia and Ryan are both avid runners, so I couldn't resist the opportunity for a unique installment of my ongoing series "Rings on Things".  Here's hoping that they grow even closer together in the years to come.  I'm confident they will.  :-)  

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