instant film wedding in Bel Air, MD | Maryland photographer - Kenneth Jackson

June 19, 2017: instant film wedding at Hanover County circuit court in Bel Air, MD

You guys.  I shot a wedding with instant film, and I'm so excited to share it here.  Chelsea and Charley picked me up early one Tuesday morning at BWI, Baltimore's airport.  After they got ready at their place, we took some family portraits at a nearby park.  Their son held it together for a surprisingly long time before he made it clear he'd had enough (minor meltdown not pictured).

Chelsea chose the Harford County circuit court in Bel Air, MD as her venue.  The actual ceremony transpired in the clerk's office across the street.  These two were visibly lovestruck in the empty waiting room beforehand.  :-)

The wedding itself was short enough that we had plenty of time to check out the town (including a bakery).  The locals were so friendly.  Passing pedestrians congratulated the couple every few minutes, it seemed, as did a few drivers.  To top it all off, an anonymous benefactor covered our lunch tab!

After a few more shots in their Charm City townhouse, Chelsea and Charley perused the prints we took throughout the day.  I mailed the entire set back once I scanned my favorites.  (P.S. Their bulldog Tucci is a sweetheart.)

Holla at me if you'd like instant photos of your own nuptials.  My email address is  I'm definitely down to do this again as soon as I get the chance!

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