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May 23, 2017: engagement session in couple's home in Columbus, OH

Samantha and Cameron were kind enough to let me photograph them in their natural habitat.  They're renovating a home on the west side of Columbus, OH.  (By the way, I've moved back to the Midwest after three years on the East Coast.  Surprise!)

These two enjoy playing card games together, so they busted out some Phase One on their kitchen island.  As Samantha predicted, the light streaming through the nearby window doors was perfect for photos.

Next, we moved to the second story deck for an impromptu guitar concert from Cameron.  His pickin' skills were on point.  I especially appreciated his acoustic rap covers.

No in-home engagement shoot is complete without the stereotypical shots of the couple making dinner.  It's like a law of the photography universe or something.

Their cat Peach was a welcome twist to the afternoon.  (I kept calling him Peaches by mistake.)  He was surprisingly cooperative considering he'd never met me previously.

I couldn't resist using these coasters as props after I saw them on the living room table.  :-)

Thanks again, you guys.  I can hardly wait to witness your wedding this September.  Four months!

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