proposal in Georgetown | Washington, DC proposal photographer - Kenneth Jackson

March 23, 2017: proposal in Georgetown

Believe it or not, there's more to Washington, DC than memorials and monuments.  Geoff and I found a great spot in Georgetown for his winter proposal to his girlfriend Meagan. 

These two were such troopers despite the chilly weather.  After checking out a cobblestone street, we made our way to Georgetown University's main campus.

We took my favorite shots of the day in one of Healy Hall's classrooms.  I love it when couples act like I'm not there and just do their thing.  :-)

Meagan's a big reader, so we visited the university's main library next.  Geoff and Meagan met in a film class in undergrad, hence the photo with the book in the foreground.

After indulging me in some shots from outside, Geoff and Meagan celebrated at Martin's Tavern.  They sat in the booth where John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie (according to legend, anyway).

Thanks again, Geoff and Meagan!  You're both cool folks, and I hope our paths cross again soon.

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