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February 27, 2017: gazebo wedding in Alexandria, VA

Dave and Sam got hitched last December in Old Town Alexandria.  I started the day at the Hotel Monaco where they both prepped.  As you'll see many times in this post, I thoroughly enjoyed the sneakers they wore for their ceremony.

Dave and Sam held the wedding itself at an outdoor gazebo on the Potomac.  They powered through surprisingly chilly weather compared to the warm temperatures earlier in the week.

Before sending her guests on a trolley tour of Washington, DC, Sam played some pick-up football with her two sons.

While their family and friends saw the sights, Dave, Sam, and I visited a few picturesque spots in the area.  I'd never visited the Wilkes Street tunnel previously.  It didn't disappoint!

We stopped at Starbucks on the way back to the reception.  Coincidentally, the officiant and the guitarist came into the cafe right after we did.

Dave and Sam reserved a private room at the restaurant Blackwell Hitch for the evening's festivities.  I snuck some candids and shot some groups before and after dinner.

Sam's cupcake smash game was definitely more adventurous than Dave's.  :-)

The night wound down with dancing, photos of the whole crowd, and party favors (hot chocolate mix with Bailey's).

Congrats again, Dave and Sam!  You two seem like a great fit.

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