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December 20, 2016: film photography

It's been too long since I wrote a personal blog post, so I'm dropping one today.  (Don't worry; I'll post some great stuff from recent gigs soon!)

This fall, I started exploring the universe of negative film.  It's certainly a different beast than digital sensors.  Shutter speeds are generally more limited on film cameras.  Also, each roll of negative film has a fixed ISO (sensitivity to light), whereas the ISO of a digital sensor can be modified from one frame to the next.  Despite those limitations, I've grown fond of the negative film aesthetic over the last few months.

Jefferson Memorial.

Large rock (detail).

My dog Jordan.

Fence and sign.

Loading docks.

Donald Trump rally.

Shopping carts.

My dog Jordan.

Escalator at Dulles International Airport.

I-395 South tunnel near U.S. Capitol.

Like instant film, I'm thinking about offering paid sessions shot with negative film at some point.  I won't be the first to do so; some of the wedding photographers I admire the most shoot film primarily (or exclusively).  I'll be sure to share the results here if/when I take the plunge myself.

(To see more of my non-portrait negative film photography, check out

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