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November 17, 2016: proposal at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC

Some photographers like to use the terms "ideal clients" or "dreamies" (a word that makes me cringe) to talk about the types of people they'd love to serve.  Well, I got some a couple weeks ago!  When Tate said he wanted to pop the question to Megan during "golden hour" at the Tidal Basin, I had a good feeling.  As it turns out, Tate is a videographer as well as a photographer (you can check out his work here).

Whenever possible, I prefer to meet proposal clients beforehand so we can plan the event face-to-face.  That wasn't feasible this time since Tate was flying to DC from Atlanta the previous night.  As an alternative, my assistant Kim and I arrived early to scope out the best spot for Tate to kneel.  I sent Tate a text message with a picture of Kim standing where he should stop.  She stood there until he showed up with Megan.  I snuck some clandestine shots of the couple immediately prior to the big moment.

Megan's reaction to the whole thing was rather entertaining.  Tate told me that he'd rarely been able to surprise her in the past (if ever).  I'd say he pulled it off this time!

After Tate pointed me out to Megan, I took some close-ups of the ring.  The shot with the Jefferson Memorial in the background had me hankerin' for a tilt-shift lens.  That might be the next piece of equipment I add to my kit.  The ring and the diamond that Tate bought are actually very similar to the ones I bought my own wife eight years ago.  I'm a big fan of the simple look.

We next moved to the top of the monument for some engagement-style shots with the Jefferson's iconic marble columns.  Tate and Megan were having so much fun together that photographing them was a breeze.

As the sun set, we wrapped up with some more stuff on the front steps.  I'll say it again: working with Megan was a total hoot.  Her goofy energy set this session apart for sure.  Also, I gotta incorporate silhouettes into my game plan more often.  They're usually absolute fiya.

Congratulations, Tate and Megan!  Keep being awesome.  :-)

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