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September 18, 2016: outdoor wedding at Ditto Landing in Huntsville, AL

One of my sisters-in-law, Krista, married her fiancĂ© Wade near Huntsville, AL on the Friday before Labor Day.  My mother-in-law Jan chose Ditto Landing, a marina south of the city, as the site for the ceremony.  Pastor Tony Willis of Calvary Assembly of God officiated.  Heritage Florist and Gifts provided Krista's bouquet and the table arrangements at the reception.  Transformations by Erin did Krista's hair and make-up.

I photographed the day.  After meandering Ditto Landing with Krista's dad Steve, I settled on a large shaded area as the ideal spot for the wedding.  The lighting couldn't have been much better, and we were far enough from the distant tree line that it was easy to blur it out with a wide aperture.  On a side note, I particularly like the way Krista's dress looked when the wind caught it.

Before we left the park, I took a few posed shots of the newlyweds.  The photo of Krista and her two daughters all wearing boots might be my favorite.

Jan did a great job planning the reception at Mason Dixon Bakery.  I appreciated the time she and Krista took to add some personal items to the decorations.  The food was excellent.  So was the cake.  The staff at Mason Dixon were thoughtful enough to include vegan options for my wife and me!  Much love to those cool cats.

Congratulations, Krista and Wade!  Thanks for allowing me to document your day.

P.S.  If you're planning a small ceremony like Krista's, please email me at kenneth@jxnphoto.com.  I've shot multiple intimate weddings, and I'd love to add yours to the list.  :-)

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