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August 15, 2016: proposal at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC

I met an awesome couple two weeks ago!  Spencer and Mona are psychiatry students at UCLA.  He decided to propose in Washington, DC during their vacation to the East Coast.  When he contacted me to shoot it, Spencer said he wanted an iconic memorial in the background.  I suggested a spot on the Tidal Basin with a nice view of the Jefferson Memorial.

Spencer stalled at "the spot" for a few moments to let some other tourists pass.  Then, as Mona was photographing the memorial, he got down on one knee behind her.  I don't usually post this many photos from the actual moment, but Mona's reactions were so great that I couldn't resist.  :-)

I continued to hang back for a while after Mona said yes.  Believe it or not, she never saw me in spite of the dozens of photos I took from a distance.  They reveled in the excitement and called family and friends to share the good news.

This proposal had a bonus surprise.  Mona thought she and Spencer were meeting some of their mutual friends in Philadelphia that evening.  Unbeknownst to her, he asked them to show up right after he asked Mona to marry him!  The whole gang pulled it off perfectly; Mona had no idea they were going to be there.

Spencer pointed me out to Mona after she mentioned that she wished they had photos of the proposal.  She was pleasantly surprised that I had documented the whole thing.  I took some posed stuff at "the spot" as well a stand-alone shot of Mona's engagement ring.

We wrapped up by walking to the Jefferson Memorial itself.  I haven't met many couples as natural in front of a camera as these two.  Seriously, I barely gave Spencer and Mona any direction.  All I had to do was point my lens at them and snap away.  Their obvious love for each other was a delight to watch in action.  I wish them all the best as they enter this new phase in their relationship!

(P.S.  I actually shot another proposal at the same spot in April!  Check it out here.)

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