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May 21, 2016: why you should add a second shooter

When someone hires a wedding photographer, one of the decisions they have to make is whether or not they want a second shooter.  A second shooter is another photographer who helps the main photographer cover the event in more detail.  Sometimes the second shooter is hired on a job-by-job basis.  Sometimes the main photographer and the second shooter work together regularly (for example, husband-and-wife teams like Katelyn and Michael James, Jeff and Erin Youngren, or Zach and Jody).

I've worked alone for all of the sessions I've booked so far.  Moving forward, I'm going to offer my clients the option to add a second shooter for their proposal or wedding.  I do everything I can to capture the various moments during those events.  However, it is physically impossible for me to be in two places or point my camera in two directions at once.  For example, when I'm shooting a bride and groom exchanging vows, I can't turn for crowd reactions simultaneously.  At proposals, I'd like to get a side shot of the guy kneeling as well as a shot from behind the guy that shows the girlfriend's reaction more clearly.

Whomever you choose to photograph your proposal or wedding, I highly recommend that you add a second shooter or pick a package that includes one.  It may seem frivolous, but I can almost guarantee that you'll get a more well-rounded result in the end.

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