proposal at the Washington Monument | Washington, DC proposal photographer - Kenneth Jackson

May 18, 2016: proposal at the Washington Monument 

Nick decided to propose to his girlfriend Abigail near the Washington Monument.  He and I met in advance to scope out the best spot and review his plan for the day.  The west side of WaMo (as I like to call the Washington Monument) was the perfect location to pop the question.  That hill has a line of sight to most of the big landmarks on the National Mall.

I managed to get some photos of them pre-proposal.  Nick told Abigail they were going to an outdoor exhibition at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Abigail knew it didn't open until September, but she humored him anyway.  As you can tell, she was thoroughly surprised by the ring he showed her instead!

After Nick pointed me out to Abigail, we took a few shots featuring the different memorials and monuments nearby.  I feel like I'm getting better at varying poses and capturing different expressions.  Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the prism rainbow in the macro shot of the ring.

Congratulations, Nick and Abigail!  I'm sure you guys are going to be awesome for each other.

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