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May 15, 2016: simple pricing and delivery

Most photographers today offer multiple pre-determined packages.  The logic is that bundling products and services creates a sense of value among customers.  Anchoring is also used to make the "middle" package seem like a steal compared to the "top" package.  There's nothing inherently wrong with those strategies.  Based on the blogs I've read, research has shown that they're are effective.

I chose straightforward, customizable pricing instead.  I give my clients complete control over the length of their session and the number of photos they purchase.  That way, they go home with photos they want, and I save the time I'd spend editing the ones they don't.  It's a classic win-win (or, as Michael Scott said in The Office, a "win-win-win").

I also simplify the process by offering one product: digital photos.  I don't hold files hostage as if they are gold bars and my hard drive is Fort Knox.  My clients are free to share their photos with their friends and family via social media.  They can also print them small or large as many times as they like.

To conclude, I designed my pricing to be easily understood and flexible enough for any client.  If you're in the market for a photographer near Washington, DC, email me at for a custom quote tailored to your specific needs.

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