May 11, 2016: sister's college graduation

My wife and I spent a few days with my family in Alabama last weekend.  We gathered for my sister's graduation from Auburn University (my undergrad alma mater).  It's always a good time with plenty of laughs when we get together.  Here's a group photo we took with my dad's mom.  (My wife and I are on the far right.)

Anyway, I got a little bored during the ceremony and wandered Auburn Arena with my camera.  (Let's be honest: almost everyone gets bored during those ordeals.)  I finally got a chance to put my Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L to good use!  I call it the "Canon cannon" because it's so freakin' huge.  Also, I'm amazed how smooth these photos look despite shooting at ISO 6400.  Shout out to the Canon 5D Mark III.

Congratulations to my sister!  I'm excited to see how she impacts the world moving forward.

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