August 27, 2017: Naples, Pompeii, and a little more Rome

Italy has super fast trains.  I'm sure Europeans are used to this kind of travel, but it was pretty novel to someone who's never ridden on Amtrak's Acela Express (it's too pricey).  Anyhow, we took one from Rome to Naples so we could explore that city and Pompeii.  The catacombs we visited in the former were neat, as was the above-ground cave containing hundreds (probably thousands) of skulls and other remnants.  The rest of Naples, from what we saw, was a dump.

In contrast, Pompeii felt like a delightful seaside town.  The namesake ruins were even cooler than I expected.  It's hard to believe how well the frescoes on the resident's walls were preserved when Mount Vesuvius erupted over 1,900 years ago.

We rushed through the Pompeii relics stored in Naples then caught our train to the Eternal City for our final evening overseas.

I'll close with some odds and ends that didn't fit neatly into the other sections.  All in all, I'd highly recommend a trip to Italy if you can swing it.  I hope I make it to the rest of the country some day, but our week in Rome was time well spent.  Well, ciao for now!

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