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May 4, 2016: other wedding photography blogs

I've spent a lot of time lately reading other wedding photography blogs.  I thought I'd share some of my favorites in case anyone else is looking for some helpful tips.  (All names in bold are clickable links.)

Jasmine Star:  Jasmine is based in somewhere in California, I think.  She seems to shoot a good number of destination weddings as well.  It's easy to navigate the different categories within Jasmine's blog, which features shoot recaps, technical advice, business tips, and personal musings.  Jasmine seems very responsive to questions from her readers; sometimes she responds within the comments on her articles.

Katelyn James:  Katelyn and her husband Michael are based in Richmond, VA.  Their blog has the same mixture as Jasmine's, and it's easy to filter to the educational stuff (just browse the categories at the top of the page).  They also offer a bunch of online courses, in-person workshops, and other resources for growth.

Laurence Kim:  I'm not sure where Laurence is based.  His website focuses almost exclusively on the business side of wedding photography.  He has a very "no-nonsense" writing style.  If you're looking for a metaphorical kick in the pants, this is a good place to go.  (If you're looking for a literal kick in the pants, stand behind an ornery horse.)

Melissa Jill:  Melissa is a blogging fiend.  It took me an entire day to read through her archives.  She's based near Phoenix, AZ.  It's pretty cool to see how much she grew from her first post in 2007 to her most recent post in 2016.  Her photographer-focused posts tend to focus on the technical aspects of the job.

Spencer Lum:  Spencer is based in New York City.  His writing is much more philosophical and introspective than the others.  He mixes some business posts into the blog, too.  Spencer's blog is light on discussions of equipment or technique.  I like how he encourages new photographers (and old ones) to seek their own personal style rather than following popular trends and/or trying to be copies of their heroes.

Jeff and Erin Youngren:  Jeff and Erin are a husband-and-wife team.  They're based in San Diego, CA, but it looks like they travel quite a bit.  Their blog for photographers covers equipment, technique, business, and work-life balance.  Their writing style is warm and encouraging.

If you enjoy any other wedding photographer blogs, shoot me an email at!  I'm always open to new educational material.

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