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April 30, 2016: abstract photography

As you may have noticed on my bio page, I have another website dedicated to non-portrait photography: kenjxn.com.  One of my favorite genres to explore as of late is abstract photography.  I'm kinda surprised that I like it.  Whenever I visit modern art museums, I scratch my head at nearly all of the displays.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite abstract photos so far.  All of these were shot handheld.  I enjoy experimenting with slower-than-usual shutter speeds.  During daylight hours, this means I have to use a neutral density filterThe techniques I use during long exposures include (examples in parentheses):

- slowly panning the camera (White House)

- lightly shaking the camera (U.S. Treasury, reindeer holiday lights)

- spinning the camera (Library of Congress)

- walking forward (butterfly holiday lights, Union Station)

- zooming past the subject (oncoming traffic, runway lights, airport lights)

The White House.

The U.S. Treasury Department.

Holiday lights.

The main reading room ceiling at the Library of Congress.

Holiday lights.

Commuters walking through DC's Union Station.

Traffic near DC's Union Station.

Out-of-focus oncoming traffic.

Runway lights (shot from moving airplane).

Airport lights (shot from moving airplane).

Lamp opening.

I'd like to start incorporating some abstract (or abstract-ish) elements into my portrait photography.  For example, I've seen some cool multiple exposure shots where the same person appears more than once.  We'll see what I can dream up.

(To see more of my non-portrait abstract photography, check out kenjxn.com/Abstract.)

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