June 25, 2017: Boston Marathon

I visited Boston in mid-April to see my sister-in-law run this year's marathon.  The day before the race, I wandered downtown, toured the mother church of Christian Science, and joined my wife's family for a duck boat tour of the city.  The latter wasn't too great photographically, but I did manage a self-portrait in the rear view mirror.

I saw the last stages of the course a few years ago, so I spent the morning at the beginning this time.  After a long train ride and a short Uber, I reached Hopkinton, MA.  It's a quiet town far from Boston proper.  I was one of the first spectators to arrive.  A few policeman and race officials completed final setup.  Otherwise, things were very peaceful.

It was pretty neat to see every single group that began the marathon.  Participants with disabilities were followed by elite women, elite women, and the masses in the later waves.  I even got to high five Julia as she passed.  (She's the one in a pink shirt with outstretched arms.)

The last wave ended a little before noon.  Given road closures, I had to walk back to the station.  I snapped some suburban streets on the way.  Upon my return, I focused on the crowds exiting the Red Sox game to cheer runners in the last couple miles.

I'll try not to make you wait too long for my next post: Rome and Pompeii (a January adventure).  There's some great stuff in that batch.

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