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February 20, 2016: hotel wedding in Winchester, VA

In October 2015, I covered a wedding as a second shooter for Shannon Hodges ( at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, VA.

When I arrived, Shannon asked me to take a few photos of the flower bouquets.  Then, I went to the groom's hotel room for some "getting ready" shots of him, his groomsmen, and his parents.  While I was up there, he opened a card from his bride-to-be.  Finally, we went downstairs to the hotel bar for some "Rat Pack"-inspired photos.  (Another photographer handled the main shots, so I got some from the side.)

After Shannon shot a "first look" session with the couple, the whole party walked to a branch of the Handley Regional Library.

Go time!  The couple held the ceremony in the hotel's beautiful, spacious ballroom.  I loved the big windows along the walls; they provided plenty of gorgeous natural light.

Next, of course, came the reception.  I gotta say, I'm proud of my shots during the toasts.  I'm starting to frame 'em so that the toaster and the couple are visible.  I've also learned to time my shots so that I capture people smiling or laughing.  (When you're shooting with flash, you have to be selective; batteries need a few seconds to cool between bursts.)

The DJ picked some stellar tracks for the dance floor.  The place was rockin'.  The red-tinted photo was shot without flash (intentionally).  I like to mix a few like that one into every wedding reception.

Thanks for reading to the end of this post!  I'd give you a gold medal, but I don't have any. 

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