Snowzilla | Washington, DC photographer - Kenneth Jackson

February 11, 2016: Snowzilla

I finally edited the photos I took during and after Snowzilla, the blizzard that blanketed the northeast U.S. on January 22 and January 23.  If you live anywhere near the area, then you know how epic the precipitation was.

The view from my apartment balcony when the storm was in full effect on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, Laura and I dug out our cars and helped some of our neighbors do the same.  I was pretty sore that week as a result!

Then, we hiked to a steep hill in our apartment complex for some sledding.  Our dog Jordan joined us for moral support.  (Oddly enough, he kept biting the back of the sled as we went down the hill.)  As you can see, there were some epic wipe-outs.  We only completed a few runs each because walking back up the hill took a lot of effort.

Hopefully I'll make it downtown for some monument photos next time a major winter storm hits DC.

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