October 5, 2016: black and white film

I'm taking a class in black and white film photography this fall at The Art League, a cultural and educational organization in Alexandria, VA.  Our assignment after the first week was to shoot a roll to develop during the second.  Excited to make some magic, I loaded 35mm Kodak T-Max 100 into my Canon A-1.

Just in case I completely botched the developing sequence, I picked low-stakes subjects that I could easily shoot again if needed.  My dog Jordan was perfect for the task.  He'd been cooped up in the apartment due to drizzly weather, so he was eager to play fetch.  I can't wait to print some of these in the darkroom for my wife Laura to hang on our walls.

I wrapped up my exposures with odds and ends from our condo association.  The middle frames are loading docks at a warehouse near our place.  The last two are close-ups of large rocks strewn about the complex.  Those look so cool in monochrome that I plan to launch them into their own series.

Special thanks to the course's instructor, Alison Duvall.  Her guidance enabled me to make it from start to finish.  I'm excited to see what else I create this semester!

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