portraits at Long Branch Park in Alexandria, VA | Virginia portrait photographer - Kenneth Jackson

January 21, 2016: portraits at Long Branch Park in Alexandria, VA

Andrey and I met in Alexandria, VA last Saturday for some personal and professional portraits.  We started with some shots of Andrey walking his dog.  Misha is a very well-trained Alaskan Klee Kai, a breed I'd never seen previously.  Long Branch Park was a little windy but not too cold for mid-January.

After the boardwalk, we found a nice grassy area next to a hill.  It was fun watching Misha goof off and eat up Andrey's attention.  I gotta say that I couldn't be more pleased with the performance of my 200mm.  That beast can blur out a background like nobody's business.

We drove to the top of a nearby parking garage for some shots of Andrey's Mercedes AMG GT.  On our way, I saw a few guys give us nods of approval and thumbs up.  I can see why; it's a sweet car.

We ended the session with some headshots for Andrey to use at work.  The conference room in his apartment building was a perfect setting.

Thanks again, Andrey!  It was a pleasure meeting you.

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