August 5, 2016: a warehouse, museums, and fireworks

After a long hiatus, I'm back with a hodgepodge of stuff I've shot this summer.  I'll start out with a few abstracts I took of a warehouse near my apartment on June 8.  I used my standard shaking and panning techniques at first.  Then, on a whim, I added a "wave" to my pan.  I was very pleased with the results (more here).

The day before Independence Day, my wife Laura and I visited the Hirshhorn Museum, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the National Portrait Gallery.  We strolled a few sculpture gardens along the way.  Good stuff everywhere.

On July 4, I shot the fireworks on DC's National Mall for the third time.  This year, I sat at the base of the Washington Monument facing the Lincoln Memorial.  It was so humid from the rain that afternoon that the show was basically a cloud of smoke that glowed every few seconds.  Since I wasn't gonna get the stereotypical streaks, I focused on the spectators.  The first shot is my favorite.  The ball of fire in the air and the heavy red tint make it look apocalyptic, as if thousands of people are watching an atomic bomb detonate in the distance.

I'll be back by the end of the month with some snaps (mostly instant) from a recent trip to northern Michigan.  Until then, keep it real out there.

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