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January 7, 2016: oceanfront wedding in Virginia Beach, VA

Aaron and Libby grew up near each other but didn't meet until they separately joined the U.S. Navy.  Instead of hosting a big wedding, they eloped in Virginia Beach in May 2015.  I'm so glad they asked me to document their small ceremony (officiated by Launa Byrd).  It was very sweet.  They both cried a little during their vows, which made me want to tear up, too.  :-)

Immediately after the ceremony, we took a few photos of them along the shore.  They were naturals, obviously.

Next, I followed them to the local courthouse where they picked up their marriage license.  Cameras weren't allowed inside, but we found a bunch of flowers in full bloom near an entrance.  (Coincidentally, the flowers' color nearly matched Aaron's shirt.)

Aaron and Libby can get pretty silly together, which made for some great photos.

Originally we were going to shoot at an open air stage near these walkways, but the walkways themselves were much cooler.  I particularly enjoyed the perspective of the columns fading into the distance.

Libby looked elegant leaning against the boardwalk's railing, Aaron supa-smooth.

It's a good thing I wore flip flops; I was standing knee-deep in the ocean to get the final shot!

Congratulations, Aaron and Libby!

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