May 4, 2016: Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is a charming city along the Adriatic coast of Croatia.  I didn't see a lot of the old town, but I liked what I did see.

I don't usually photograph my food, but the restaurant we tried during our first evening in Zadar was fabulous.  Vegan confession: I ordered fish and cheesy potatoes.  It was delicious.

Zadar boasts two unique public art installations.  The Sea Organ is a system of pipes built into the promenade.  As the waves lap onto the steps, they create an unstructured but soothing sequence of musical notes.  Nearby, the Greeting to the Sun (also known as the Sun Salutation) is a large circle of lights programmed to cycle through patters of vivid colors.  I didn't get a shot I liked of the whole thing, but the close-ups were cool.  (Check out this YouTube video to hear and see both attractions.)

Like all Croatian cities we visited, Zadar is home to many old churches.  The Cathedral of St. Anastasia and St. Mary's Church are pictured below.

The nearest island, Ugljan, is under three miles away.  The lights along its coast provided a nice contrast to a starry night sky.  The street lamps along the Zadar promenade were kinda cool, too, when viewed from a dock that juts into the water.

Split's up next.  That one might take me a couple weeks; I got a lot of great photos there.

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