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August 11, 2015: intimate wedding outside the Montgomery County Court House in Rockville, MD

I had the privilege of shooting Cynthia and Ryan's intimate wedding in Rockville, MD a few weeks ago (July 25, to be exact).  It was a pleasure to capture their brief ceremony in a park outside the Montgomery County Court House.

  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3148
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3153
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3155
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3160
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3170
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3178
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3192
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3203
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3209
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3221

Afterward, we took some couple photos underneath the shade of some very large trees.  The "American Gothic"-esque photo makes me smile every time I see it.  :-)

  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3454
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3246
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3233
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3256
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3264
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3270
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3273
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3272
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3288
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3330
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3286
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3386

While Cynthia and Ryan video-chatted with their families, I took some macro shots of the rings.  (It seemed like Cynthia was pretty excited about hers.)  I also took some shots of Cynthia and Ryan individually.  I really like the coordination of Cynthia's bouquet and Ryan's boutonniere.

  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3347
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3346
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3351
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3458
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3278
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3292
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3299
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3297
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3316
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3318
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3332
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3337
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3341

I love architecture, so I couldn't resist some final shots in front of this simple but impressive building.

  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3435
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3429
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3405
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3413
  • Maryland-Wedding-Photographer-285A3423

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