May 15, 2017: vineyard wedding in Hamilton, VA

It's been a while, fam.  ("fam" is my new favorite word, by the way.)  I have a few weeks until my next event, which means I finally have time to catch up on a backlog of posts from late 2016 and early 2017.

Today's feature is a wedding I shot last December at Hamilton Station Vineyards in northern Virginia.  Sara and Nikolai met a few years ago when he visited the U.S. for a summer (he's from eastern Europe originally).  I arrived right before the preparations began in earnest.

The ceremony itself happened in front of the barn's fireplace.  The mantle decorated for Christmas provided a unique backdrop to the vows, the ring exchange, and the first kiss.

I'm not gonna lie: I'm fairly pleased with my candids from this wedding.  They're always easier when people are having a good time!

I guess Nikolai's parents aren't into dancing, because Sara danced with both of hers instead.  Some kids joined her and her mom for their song.

The venue was a lovely spot for the dinner and the toasts.  The catering staff did a great job setting everything up and serving the guests.

After additional mingling, the couple sampled some homemade moonshine from Nikolai's home country and cut the cake.  Sara's reactions were pretty amusing.  :-)

We wrapped up the night with some group portraits, some open floor dancing, and some gift-giving.  Also, a cat.  Hopefully you aren't allergic like me.

Best wishes in the years to come, Sara and Nikolai!

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